A garden-variety politician (From BROKEN WATCH)

Bob Grant was your garden-variety politician: a bully, a hypocrite, and an opportunist. A real throw-back, he was adept at getting things done for his neighbors and his core supporters. But on the flip side, he preferred strong-arm tactics to negotiation.

Also a garden-variety racist, he would let a white guy breeze through the hackney licensing drill. But when a Chinese couple wanted to install a free vintage pinball machine in their laundromat (to keep the kids occupied and to keep them from riding in the laundry carts), he harangued them for what seemed to be hours. A few of their regular customers, who had been watching the meeting on TV, showed up in Aldrich Chambers and stood up to Grant, in support of the couple.

As all bullies are cowards, Grant quickly backed down.

~ End of excerpt ~


All politics is … deadly.

Deb Trimmer is your typical pain in the ass — with a very, very dark side. A prolific blogger, Deb doesn’t stand in front of the First Amendment, protecting it from all adversaries. She hides behind it and attacks, slanders, and harasses her victims. She is an “injustice collector,” railing against all real and (mostly) imagined slights. But when she stumbles on a legitimate scandal, she pays for her delusions and venom … with her life.
It’s up to Maeve Gallagher, no fan of Deb Trimmer by any means, to find Deb’s killer, especially when the finger of suspicion points to … Maeve herself.

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