Bait-and-Switch (or, The Sham of War)

War is one of the biggest scams perpetrated on mankind, and here’s why.

Military recruiters will get you to join for a variety of reasons: economic advancement (or what is sometimes known as “economic draft); to see the world (“… or what’s left of it,” and The Three Stooges so brilliantly announced); college grants / loan prepayment; and a host of other incentives.

Once they get you in, then the real sham begins. they mold you and forty other recruits into a “unit.” They build “esprit de corps” or “band(s) of brothers.”

Then they send you into battle. By this time, you would do anything for your brothers, even die for them.

The true tragedy is that the “other side” operates pretty much the same way.

“Waste always makes me angry, and that’s all this is: sheer waste.” (Rhett Butler, Gone With The Wind, 1939)

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