About ME!

Welcome to my website. One of the tips I got from an informal seminar with Jane Friedman at Crime Bake 2013 was to present a static home page if one does not update their blog frequently. The other advice from Jane was to post a picture.

I am re-working my Maeve Gallagher mysteries. For the time being, they will be long short stories, approximately 5,000 words. But that could change, too.

Although I do not update my blog as frequently as I like, I do try to post at least one or two articles a week, so please stop by again!

Photo Jul 19, 8 26 11 AMThings you may want to know about me:

  • I have the sense of humor of a twelve-year-old-boy.
  • I go to Mass on Sundays.
  • I love the Boston Bruins, Karen Carpenter, and old movies.
  • I sleep with a light on.
  • I had an appendectomy when I was eight-years-old.
  • I prefer dogs to cats; I prefer Dunkin Donuts to Starbucks.


Writer / podcaster / videographer. Boston Bruins fan; classic movies fan; Karen Carpenter fan. I consider my full-time permanent position an “odd job.”

Julie has written short stories, screenplays; She lives in Malden, Massachusetts.

2 Responses to About ME!

  1. Gary says:

    Hi Julie,
    My name is Gary
    I am a business strategy student from Northern Ireland. Really interesting to read your comment about the projected demise of Facebook. It is my understanding that like any public company Facebook must deliver return to their investors. Do you think, like the other commentator, that any hype in the media is conspired by vested interests to stir up speculation in the hope of creating more hits thus more ad revenue? In other words are they attempting to create something from nothing? Perhaps an attempt to send out market signals?

    As you may be able to tell I am confused by it all. Even disillusioned

  2. juliethejarhead says:

    Hi Gary,

    First, thanks for checking out my little web site. I am not a business person, nor am I a tech guru. I am simply an observer and commentator. I have been using the Internet since the mid-80s, back in the days of eight-character user names. I still use ‘julikell’ often.

    When television first came into being, its *primary* purpose was to draw an audience to a sponsor. The internet in general, and social networks in particular, have devolved into this business model. Or as someone put it: “If you’re not paying for a service, you are not a customer. You are the product being sold.

    In this, Facebook (FB) will be very successful. If the enemies of privacy set out to create a service which would entice people to freely give up personal information for their purposes of monitoring the population, they could not have succeeded more thoroughly. Or, perhaps, they have.

    I limit my FB time to twice a week for less than ten minutes each session. Whenever someone asks if they should be on FB, I reply: “NO!”

    As far a hype goes, social networks and alleged news sites are a self-perpetuating phenomenon. No where is this more evident than in Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy.com . The best way to get a mention on Twitchy is to mention Ms. Malkin by name. Though this is the primary example that comes to mind, I’m sure there are others.

    In the end, if you’re feeling disillusioned, this is a *good* thing. FB, as well as other social networks, is, as we say in the USA, a monumental ‘time suck’.


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