Filmmaking resources.

Shot Types from

The Color of Light from Wikipedia.

Basic Guide to Shooting Video from JISC Digital Media

The Rule of Thirds from Merlin Locations

Camera Pan from

Editing: Wicked pissa scene from The Aviator.

Dolly/zoom: From Goodfellas. (Keep your eye on the background.)

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Dr Hillenbrand (#87)

Dr Hillenbrand

It has been three days since Agatha disappeared.

I look again at the ticket. I don’t know how it got into my wallet. I didn’t even go out the night before.

When was the last time I looked in my wallet? Yesterday morning, when I was in the coffee shop? Noon, when I bought an Italian sausage with onions and peppers from the bodega in Union Square?

The ticket says, “Friday, June 9th. 9:08 PM to 11:42 PM. It’s such an odd time, like something on British TV. And there is no location.

Agatha and I had gone to some crazy vaudeville-type show, in the back room of one of the Union Square bars. It was Monday. No, Tuesday.

The next morning, she had left a note on our bed, which said, “Will be back in a bit.” Nothing more.

She hadn’t come back by the time I left for work that day. She wasn’t home when I got home, around seven o’clock. The last time I actually saw her was when we went to bed the night before. Continue reading

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A Bunny In Winter (#32)

A Bunny In Winter

I stopped along the walkway which cut across the snow-covered lawn. I had wanted to get to the Hayden Library at M.I.T. before the snow really started falling.

But a gray rabbit caught my eye.

He was long, about the size of a full-grown cat. I approached him — all animals are male until proven otherwise — but he kept nibbling the small patch of grass he had cleared.

I was afraid that if I got any closer that he’d run. But I guess his winter-time hunger was stronger than any fear of humans.

“You’re going to have to clear your own patch,” he said.


“Seriously, I’ve been at M.I.T. for six years now. Of course, I can converse.”

“In how many languages?” I asked, still incredulous.

“In addition to English, I speak both Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese, German, Russian, as well as several Indian dialects. I picked this up from the engineering students. They love to talk!” Continue reading

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Write. Write every day.

I’m taking my own advice. I will blog everyday … whether it’s pictures from a trip or writing advice or baby goat videos.

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I’m very excited that today is chili day

I’m very excited that today is chili day in the cafeteria at work. My life is sooooo exciting.

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I was following a street sweeper …

I was following a street sweeper on my way to work. And, yep, they were sweeping. They were sweeping the leaves from one area to another.

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Trip to the Cliffs of Moher 16 Sept 2016 (from Galway, Ireland)


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